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  • Ana Massien 6:59 PM on October 5, 2016 Permalink
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    Welcome, updates 

    I am re working on this blog press and will be using it with

    You’re welcome to join our groups/guilds on our site, where we discuss truths, theologies, facts from fictions, and have chat. Just make sure you plan to be active on site if you join.

    You don’t have to be pagan, wiccan etc, just be able to log in, participate and understand logic. It helps to be pagan, wiccan, vampire, therian, awakened but its not a requirement.

  • Ana Massien 1:28 PM on September 29, 2016 Permalink  

    Please Read – Notice *Fall 2016* 

    Hello to all the Followers and Potential Followers,

    I. Please make sure you read or notice the posted date for a post before you like something. Many times, there will be links in this blog press that don’t work anymore because the webhosting became shitty or some other script became just as shitty, like Oxwall for example 😉

    II. If you don’t seem to be vampire or spiritual styles related and you follow I will probably will remove you. I am probably always going to run Wraitli Exbuis, which means “Spiritual Kinds Dark Gathering place or Grove” a Grove normally visited at night where members of society could speak safely and in secret. Paganism is protected under the US Constitution, and AHC Program lease states that the landlord may not be racist against you “under religion, sexual gender, or sexual prefrence, or gender or race”, they may prefer you to be Christian only, but they will not kick me out over it. I have been here 4 years and will probably be here for the rest of my life which is fine with him, we already spoke about this.

    IIa. Just for your information I volunteered in the office and helped create the final lease, before the first program fee agreement. Volunteer staff do not get paid. The program fee agreement still states he/ahc may not discriminate against religion choices, races, gender, or sexual prefrence. This is seen in all realty contracts.

    That is Fear and people bully out of fear.

    III. I am Pagan, live at a “Christian Transitional Housing facility” and I am Strejani and Strigoi in ancestry. My landlord knows this. IT’s my mother’s tribe, my real mother’s and father’s. Just like if I were native american which I also am, and I am Cree or Crei. (Creek) I am a shaman I do believe in allot of plant healing and herbal workings and stone workings and even metals. You have your God, and I also believe in him too. Let God judge me if I am doing something wrong, its not your place.

    If I do some harm against others, or myself then I expect to be thrown out but If I live peaceful and I do, I know there’s nothing to be scared of. Go bully someone else.

    I am Proud to be a Pagan, spiritual ass gangster!



    No where actually in the bible does it say “You can’t be a Pagan and still walk with God”. I view God to be a God of Christians, but not just actually just a Christian God. Because when God instructed Moses, and Noah, there was no “Christianity”. Christ came and then Christianity began after his death and ressurection.

    To state that paganism is antichristian, is also false, because many Christian symbols were borrowed by the pagan culture and vice versus.


  • Ana Massien 9:23 PM on August 13, 2017 Permalink
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    New page up regarding shamanic sickness or revenant sickness.

  • Ana Massien 3:09 AM on July 22, 2017 Permalink
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  • Ana Massien 3:05 AM on July 22, 2017 Permalink
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    Come join us at paganbook! we have a group for vampyres too.

  • Ana Massien 3:03 AM on July 22, 2017 Permalink
    Tags: really real vampires Come join our group on facebook.

  • Ana Massien 11:39 PM on June 8, 2017 Permalink
    Tags: Clans, History, Some vampire things, , Tribes, Vampire-History,   

    I have been going thru some personal changes as well as mental, emotional, psychic, etc. and I wanted to be in a more perm. place with my being before I started writing about Vampires and such again.

    I want to clear something up just in case people are wondering:
    Vampyres are NOT SWAMP People.
    The Upi, The Upyr and the Lupi people are swamp people.

    Strigoi pretty much hate lakes, rivers, ponds, creeks, swamps. If they don’t then its a cross over with another tribe, but if they were not crossed over they would NOT like it. Especially really still water… Oh its awful.

    Strigoi are [Before they were Romanian or Italian in descent and afterward also] descended from the Appalachian tribe of Creek indians called Cree or Crei. [Around West Virginia. They would also be called Lei] They are fierce hunters, raiders when pissed. Once the maiden enters their form of menopause, all the tribe will go thru the changes too, especially if she has been sexual with them, it doesn’t matter how long its been. The tribe is also called Dacian or Daci (The Cactus People) they did not like the valleys and the rivers and the mountains, give us an arid desert plain with a little water, and dirt to grow some food. That’s all we really need.

    Much of the southern states used to be desert or arid savannahs called Dousa’s. Dousa had small rivers and streams and some small ponds. But you didn’t live near or in them. A Swamp is called Sousa or Swousa. This is bad places and bad land. You don’t go near the bad lands. It will get in your head and thats all you will see for a long time and then you have to have nature medicine and live in arid land again for a while and not see startling images.
    Of course, this time period was 995K years ago. I’ve done some research on this time period and thanks to google, it spoke about several forms of ancestor to the current homosapien species. However, Homosapien is not a Vampiric being, Hetriesapian is, I’ve spoke about them before on this blog. Homosapian look like your basic Varolaci native, the Sapi or the Sami tribe. (Seminole, Cherokee, Apache).

  • Ana Massien 11:17 PM on June 8, 2017 Permalink
    Tags: #ItsTheUnlife #Vampirism #Elementalism, #Vampiric Apparitions   


    noun: phantom; plural noun: phantoms
    a ghost.
    “a phantom who haunts lonely roads”
    synonyms: ghost, apparition, spirit, specter, wraith; More
    a figment of the imagination.
    “he tried to clear the phantoms from his head and grasp reality”
    synonyms: delusion, figment of the imagination, hallucination, illusion, chimera, vision, mirage
    “the phantoms of an overactive imagination”
    denoting a financial arrangement or transaction that has been invented for fraudulent purposes but that does not really exist.
    modifier noun: phantom
    “he diverted an estimated $1,500,000 into “phantom” bank accounts”

    Middle English (also in the sense ‘illusion, delusion’): from Old French fantosme, based on Greek phantasma (see phantasm).
    Translate phantom to Romanian:
    1. fantomă
    2. fantasmă
    3. apariţie
    4. iluzie
    5. amintire
    Use over time for: phantom

    I was looking for interesting articles on phantoms, spectres/specters, ghosts, and revenants tonight and came by this term for phantom.

    I translated it into Romanian and they have five different terms for Phantom, supposedly for Species (Strigoi, Moroi, Varolaci, Silicu (Stregoni related tribes of Sicily, and also the Maori of New Zealand, Strejani of Italy)

    1. fantomă ~ Stregoni / Strejani / Streji
    2. fantasmă – Varco, Varolaci (phantasm, Lipre/Lipi/ru)
    3. apariţie – Strigiu (who know not what their doing)
    4. iluzie ~ A Strigoi/Morte/Mortii or Strejani/Strejos/Streji/Strejas [Therians] Entitial/Entity
    5. amintire ~ A Moroi spectal that wants to look like a werewolf.
  • Ana Massien 4:01 AM on February 23, 2017 Permalink  

    Wraitli Exbuis website 

    I finally created a website for wraitli exbuis at, we have blogs, links page and a few other apps like calender. Come sign up if a wraitli exbuis fan of the blog.

    I must specify that we want members like us, not fans of vampires.


  • Ana Massien 2:10 AM on February 11, 2017 Permalink
    Tags: incubi, left hand path, oh please!, satanism,   

    From the Left Hand Philosopy Facebook page 

    “The Varcolaci sigil represents the nightmare aspect of the living vampyre. This is the dreaming mind, the subconscious allowing the spirit-eye to rise up into the realm of the dream and haunt the spheres for blood current and essence of vitality. The two skeletal figures are Undead Nosferatu, those who have left the physical flesh for the immortal ecstasy of the nightmare. This sigil has been focused on by Black Adepts for years and is considered the foremost sigil/symbol of Luciferian “Vampyres” or those who practice vampyrism from a left hand path perspective. The two Undead Nosferatu, or Varcolaci hold the inverted pentagram. This represents the Eye of the Adversary, the very five pointed essence of the left hand path as a way to self-empowerment and liberation of the mind. The actual pentagram is held by two skeletal figures are Undead Nosferatu, those who have left the physical flesh for the immortal ecstasy of the nightmare. The Inverted Pentagram is Eye of the Adversary, the very five pointed essence of the left hand path as a way to self-empowerment and liberation of the mind. The actual pentagram held by the undead nosferatu/varcolaci is a gateway for the Black Adept to actually pass through in astral projection or before sleeping.” – From ‘Book of Sekhem Apep – Typhonian Vampyre Magick’ by Michael W. Ford.
    No automatic alt text available.

    Well for one this vampiric post is not about true actual vampirism, being one and also being Ential or an Entity, which is not a shadow within me but a shadow without me – being me the shadow, instead of a thing, I can successfully say this is about Upyr, or half and half that are not a vampire/vampyre – from beings that are from lost tribes and lost in and outside themselves.

    For instance, if you ran a sock store, and you made the socks too. You would know everything about making that sock, and your sock business thrive. You’ve been making socks for over 15 yrs and having a sock store for at least 10 as well. Someone comes along that does not make socks very well or run a sock store very well either, and calls it “foot wear” or “foot coverings” only. This is what this post up above is like.

    I don’t know of any Vampyres that want to follow the LHP, other than myself, but because I view satanism in a completely different way than most see it including other satanists. When someone follows the LHP, they don’t see any other paths AT ALL. Vampyres are actually accurate shamans who manipulate energy, they would be beyond what LHP represents inside of LaVey satanism. Most “wicked people” want to be satanists to dress up like a robed freak and masterbate and have “unholy sexual contacts” with teens, rape women and men in ways that are immature and insecure of themselves and their evolution as a spirit being on the planet. They have very corrupt dna or want to make people like myself whom have panic disorder or other problems see sexual imagery and make us feel “uncomfortable”. Like for instance last summer I had a bf who said to me (about his underwear drawer) “does this make you feel uncomfortable” hell no, man it’s underwear, it covers your skinny ass. Yet when we became sexual with one another I learned I took his virginity and he has problems with me taking lingerie pics on my tablet, comp and phone.

    “Like If I can be a satanist, I can masterbate in a graveyard and stick my finger inside myself and people will think I am hot, etc”

    — No, people will think you have a problem instead this does not make an occultist, or a satanist. Satan has nothing to do with sex.

    It’s the semi modern era that makes Satanism be about humilation during intercourse to play a spell or ritualistic part of an adepts or Priest’s awakening, but in reality he’s getting a ritualistic piece of ass and that’s all it’s stands for.

    No amount of evolution will come from the sexual fluids of any other occultist or the acts there of. Evolution is about freedom of letting go of the past self, and conclusions or thoughts of delusion that we need people to make us something important.

    Now the way I see satanism is this way — Satan was neither female or male, was not a vampyre persay in the blood drinking way. Satan supposedly in Hebrew means defiler. [Thru a man’s support of the term Satan as defiler I can see how men would defile as Satan] as a woman, a woman defiles a man when he can’t think of anyone else but her. This is not always a bad thing. A Man whom is able can control his thoughts. It’s from another man’s vision and view that a woman defiles her man, when they are in love and the other wants her or the man to his likings.

    Satan in Naza’riem is “Blessed”. Hebrew are basically Nephelim, and have never been particularly liked. Nephel/im are the same as the Upyr or the Varolaci above — even Gypsy in some retrospects. Hebrews shit all over everything. I am sorry, I don’t know one Hebrew whom ever did a just thing now or then. They can say that Jesus was king of the jews but we all know he was not.

    Satan is an Ential or Living Entity, a Living Entity takes living life as a shaman, as a Vampyre is supposed to do, feeds on energy. I do not call it psychic vampyrism because I have evolved from a psychic or just empathic standpoint. An empath also feeds on energy and all empaths are vampyres and those who say their not aren’t really empaths. Empaths are also shaman, the same energy being as vampyre, therian, faerie, sidhe, elves, valkeries, daevas and incubi.

    Satan has similarity to that of the Incubi, which does not mean just a male sexual daemon/demon, Incubi are also female. If we had prove of it in the persian documents, you would see they are more than just male, they are sentient in energy and can be either male or female! (Even if their main being is a male, or just a female) a succubi has been made that way by the semen or the secretion and blood of an Incubi — a Grotier or a Grotiem ( female and male usually gypsy but sometimes werewolven or Upyr Get)

    The jest of this post, be careful of what you see on facebook and follow.

    Trust me, I am no longer following Left hand Path Philosopy:

  • Ana Massien 1:35 AM on February 11, 2017 Permalink
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    Communal of the Red Mandala 

    I have deleted the main page off facebook known as spiritual state or the communal of the red mandala. I will be re-creating the principles behind Spiritual State and the Communal of the red mandala spiritual state wordpress as well.

    I am looking for a better place to build a page or profile for spiritual state/Communal/Temple and so on and will go from there when I find it. I did not want it to be on paganspace or wiccantogether because even tho we have pagan spirituality and wiccan, we’re for more than just that. Maybe a Page or group off of as well we have a SS group there, but I want to cover more than just a spiritual state of being.

  • Ana Massien 2:51 AM on January 26, 2017 Permalink
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    Science, Medicine and what we are 

    If doctors would just listen to the old myths, the theories or the hypothesis of an issue, like

    • Treating fibro or RA in a a vampyric being, realizing that Lucans have Lupus disease only. Gypsy have COPD. These are all the auto immune “disorders” that cause change for all three species.
    • Create a list of issues all three species suffer from, that has been documented. Designate a species list of issues and keep it from overlapping. Learn which each species suffers from.
    • Learn why. Some of it is maturity of the awakening that each go through and in each is a form of “death, or undeath” and it is is shamanism or spiritism. When doctors realize why we suffer from something, they can better treat en masse for each species or race.

    That’s why I am writing about science, theory and medicines.

    I can either be taken seriously for this post – medicine is a theory anyway – or taken with a grain of salt about my theories.

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