Please Read – Notice *Fall 2016*

Hello to all the Followers and Potential Followers,

I. Please make sure you read or notice the posted date for a post before you like something. Many times, there will be links in this blog press that don’t work anymore because the webhosting became shitty or some other script became just as shitty, like Oxwall for example 😉

II. If you don’t seem to be vampire or spiritual styles related and you follow I will probably will remove you. I am probably always going to run Wraitli Exbuis, which means “Spiritual Kinds Dark Gathering place or Grove” a Grove normally visited at night where members of society could speak safely and in secret. Paganism is protected under the US Constitution, and AHC Program lease states that the landlord may not be racist against you “under religion, sexual gender, or sexual prefrence, or gender or race”, they may prefer you to be Christian only, but they will not kick me out over it. I have been here 4 years and will probably be here for the rest of my life which is fine with him, we already spoke about this.

IIa. Just for your information I volunteered in the office and helped create the final lease, before the first program fee agreement. Volunteer staff do not get paid. The program fee agreement still states he/ahc may not discriminate against religion choices, races, gender, or sexual prefrence. This is seen in all realty contracts.

That is Fear and people bully out of fear.

III. I am Pagan, live at a “Christian Transitional Housing facility” and I am Strejani and Strigoi in ancestry. My landlord knows this. IT’s my mother’s tribe, my real mother’s and father’s. Just like if I were native american which I also am, and I am Cree or Crei. (Creek) I am a shaman I do believe in allot of plant healing and herbal workings and stone workings and even metals. You have your God, and I also believe in him too. Let God judge me if I am doing something wrong, its not your place.

If I do some harm against others, or myself then I expect to be thrown out but If I live peaceful and I do, I know there’s nothing to be scared of. Go bully someone else.

I am Proud to be a Pagan, spiritual ass gangster!



No where actually in the bible does it say “You can’t be a Pagan and still walk with God”. I view God to be a God of Christians, but not just actually just a Christian God. Because when God instructed Moses, and Noah, there was no “Christianity”. Christ came and then Christianity began after his death and ressurection.

To state that paganism is antichristian, is also false, because many Christian symbols were borrowed by the pagan culture and vice versus.