Detrimental Birthing

Being pregnant can be detrimental to a woman’s health, as well as her psyche, and her mind, as well as all of the above three to five years after her birth experience. IF you have an abortion 3 weeks to up to 4 months after becoming pregnant, ok, but if you attempt to have an abortion after the fifth month it can be detrimental to the woman’s health because of the birth hormones i n her body preparing the fetus, placenta, and baby for the next long stretch. There is a reason women throw up due to morning sickness. It’s more detrimental to leave a baby in the womb than people think. Having children can cause early copd in women likely to develop it later in life, and that type can be more deadly than if she developed it without birth hormones active in her body.

(Having gone through the death of birth hormones in my form after meniphase or the onset of peri/menopause)

There is allot that the health community does not realize about the birth hormone FSH. IT’s FSH that makes people suicidal, and or makes them prone to episodes of anger, emotional out lash and so on.

People want children because its how we say to others we are successful, ok people. WE have a home, a marriage, a life, a career, of course we want children to show off to all our friends. Its a broken tradition, because years later women and men will regret having their kids and family. They know they have done wrong in some soul plan way.

People are obsessed with the need to compete with family and friends and be a domination of production. IT’s foolish and puts them at health risk. It’s more detrimental to become pregnant and go full term than to have an abortion at your 36 week of pregnancy which is 3 weeks from full term. The best time to attempt an abortion is 3 weeks up to the 4 and half month mark, because the hormones in your body will promote a quick recovery.