Science, Medicine and what we are

If doctors would just listen to the old myths, the theories or the hypothesis of an issue, like

  • Treating fibro or RA in a a vampyric being, realizing that Lucans have Lupus disease only. Gypsy have COPD. These are all the auto immune “disorders” that cause change for all three species.
  • Create a list of issues all three species suffer from, that has been documented. Designate a species list of issues and keep it from overlapping. Learn which each species suffers from.
  • Learn why. Some of it is maturity of the awakening that each go through and in each is a form of “death, or undeath” and it is is shamanism or spiritism. When doctors realize why we suffer from something, they can better treat en masse for each species or race.

That’s why I am writing about science, theory and medicines.

I can either be taken seriously for this post – medicine is a theory anyway – or taken with a grain of salt about my theories.