I have been going thru some personal changes as well as mental, emotional, psychic, etc. and I wanted to be in a more perm. place with my being before I started writing about Vampires and such again.

I want to clear something up just in case people are wondering:
Vampyres are NOT SWAMP People.
The Upi, The Upyr and the Lupi people are swamp people.

Strigoi pretty much hate lakes, rivers, ponds, creeks, swamps. If they don’t then its a cross over with another tribe, but if they were not crossed over they would NOT like it. Especially really still water… Oh its awful.

Strigoi are [Before they were Romanian or Italian in descent and afterward also] descended from the Appalachian tribe of Creek indians called Cree or Crei. [Around West Virginia. They would also be called Lei] They are fierce hunters, raiders when pissed. Once the maiden enters their form of menopause, all the tribe will go thru the changes too, especially if she has been sexual with them, it doesn’t matter how long its been. The tribe is also called Dacian or Daci (The Cactus People) they did not like the valleys and the rivers and the mountains, give us an arid desert plain with a little water, and dirt to grow some food. That’s all we really need.

Much of the southern states used to be desert or arid savannahs called Dousa’s. Dousa had small rivers and streams and some small ponds. But you didn’t live near or in them. A Swamp is called Sousa or Swousa. This is bad places and bad land. You don’t go near the bad lands. It will get in your head and thats all you will see for a long time and then you have to have nature medicine and live in arid land again for a while and not see startling images.
Of course, this time period was 995K years ago. I’ve done some research on this time period and thanks to google, it spoke about several forms of ancestor to the current homosapien species. However, Homosapien is not a Vampiric being, Hetriesapian is, I’ve spoke about them before on this blog. Homosapian look like your basic Varolaci native, the Sapi or the Sami tribe. (Seminole, Cherokee, Apache).