noun: phantom; plural noun: phantoms
a ghost.
“a phantom who haunts lonely roads”
synonyms: ghost, apparition, spirit, specter, wraith; More
a figment of the imagination.
“he tried to clear the phantoms from his head and grasp reality”
synonyms: delusion, figment of the imagination, hallucination, illusion, chimera, vision, mirage
“the phantoms of an overactive imagination”
denoting a financial arrangement or transaction that has been invented for fraudulent purposes but that does not really exist.
modifier noun: phantom
“he diverted an estimated $1,500,000 into “phantom” bank accounts”

Middle English (also in the sense ‘illusion, delusion’): from Old French fantosme, based on Greek phantasma (see phantasm).
Translate phantom to Romanian:
1. fantomă
2. fantasmă
3. apariţie
4. iluzie
5. amintire
Use over time for: phantom

I was looking for interesting articles on phantoms, spectres/specters, ghosts, and revenants tonight and came by this term for phantom.

I translated it into Romanian and they have five different terms for Phantom, supposedly for Species (Strigoi, Moroi, Varolaci, Silicu (Stregoni related tribes of Sicily, and also the Maori of New Zealand, Strejani of Italy)

  1. fantomă ~ Stregoni / Strejani / Streji
  2. fantasmă – Varco, Varolaci (phantasm, Lipre/Lipi/ru)
  3. apariţie – Strigiu (who know not what their doing)
  4. iluzie ~ A Strigoi/Morte/Mortii or Strejani/Strejos/Streji/Strejas [Therians] Entitial/Entity
  5. amintire ~ A Moroi spectal that wants to look like a werewolf.