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  • Ana Massien 2:26 AM on January 26, 2017 Permalink
    Tags: Birthing, Broken tradition, FSH Hormone, menopause   

    Detrimental Birthing 

    Being pregnant can be detrimental to a woman’s health, as well as her psyche, and her mind, as well as all of the above three to five years after her birth experience. IF you have an abortion 3 weeks to up to 4 months after becoming pregnant, ok, but if you attempt to have an abortion after the fifth month it can be detrimental to the woman’s health because of the birth hormones i n her body preparing the fetus, placenta, and baby for the next long stretch. There is a reason women throw up due to morning sickness. It’s more detrimental to leave a baby in the womb than people think. Having children can cause early copd in women likely to develop it later in life, and that type can be more deadly than if she developed it without birth hormones active in her body.

    (Having gone through the death of birth hormones in my form after meniphase or the onset of peri/menopause)

    There is allot that the health community does not realize about the birth hormone FSH. IT’s FSH that makes people suicidal, and or makes them prone to episodes of anger, emotional out lash and so on.

    People want children because its how we say to others we are successful, ok people. WE have a home, a marriage, a life, a career, of course we want children to show off to all our friends. Its a broken tradition, because years later women and men will regret having their kids and family. They know they have done wrong in some soul plan way.

    People are obsessed with the need to compete with family and friends and be a domination of production. IT’s foolish and puts them at health risk. It’s more detrimental to become pregnant and go full term than to have an abortion at your 36 week of pregnancy which is 3 weeks from full term. The best time to attempt an abortion is 3 weeks up to the 4 and half month mark, because the hormones in your body will promote a quick recovery.

  • Ana Massien 3:47 PM on January 16, 2017 Permalink  

    MLK JR Day – 2017

    Everyone at one time has been a minority. I can’t imagine what it was like to grow up being MLK Jr. To be someone’s slave to just not be free. To not be able to read a book when I wanted too or walk off and go see my friends or just have to do things I didn’t want to do everyday because someone said that was my reason for living.

    It’s not ok to have to live that way. IT’s not ok to tell people they don’t have rights and that they have to be slaves. North, south, east or west. IT’s just not ok.

    Still when people see this:images-8, they cry foul because they believe this to be stars and bars. It’s not. Stars and Bars is the current state flag of Georgia.

    I think to myself, if it were not for either of these flags, these people would have never felt oppression, and if they have never felt oppression where would they be today? Where would African American rights be today? Would we even have MLK Jr. day? Would we all know so much about freedom and our rights as Equal American People? Would we all care so much about our freedoms?

    This is an important question, because we all are different. We have pagans, vampyres, otherkin, black people, white people, native american people and America, and the world have so much more to learn and accept and just get over and move along with it.

    We are a Prejudiced Planet. It’s in our dna. To Hate, especially what we can’t control, what we can’t or do not have power over. That’s not why we are here to experience life. We’re here to overturn our hate, and anger and FEAR, the main reason behind all that other stuff is FEAR.

    Why do people fear stupidity? Because they don’t have control. It’s a mutation of our DNA that makes us lose control and fear that which we can not control. If people would just let go of the hate and fear trigger, we’d all be so much better off.

  • Ana Massien 3:32 PM on January 16, 2017 Permalink
    Tags: "what is this"?, ,   

    Hello Sky Levenson,

    We chronicle elemental vampirism here at WE. Elemental energy is what we consume the most, which creates phenom called true form vampirism or shamanism, thus making us like the “vampyres” of the ancient times, and not a victorian item, even tho its represented.

    We mainly study heritage vampirism and shamanism – Romanian Strigoi/Moroi/ other tribe names and also Italian Volsci/Strilli/Strinoi and other tribe names depending which part of the country you were from.

    I am not going to defend my link on, that’s disrespectful to the site owner regardless if you know them or not. “Vampyres are not otherkin” yes, they are considered to be “other” because they can change what their energy signature can feel like to others. 😉

  • Ana Massien 12:38 PM on December 29, 2016 Permalink
    Tags: unclean spirits

    Proof the ancient greeks would have been the former polyamoury freaks I’ve written about before.

  • Ana Massien 8:13 AM on December 18, 2016 Permalink
    Tags: Pineal Glands, Redo You, True forms   

    The Pineal Gland

    Many people I know think they are some kind of God that can re-calcify your pineal gland if you are “awakened”. To be awake is to know what one is, and what one has never been. We are not mortal, human or mundane. Our brains and minds and spirit energy is not humanoid, it is not correctly homosapien. We are something else considered hetriesaphan, or hetriesaphian – there was another word at one time that responded more closely with Stregoni vampirism and shamanism but forgetful me, I have misplaced the word.

    I also drink alkali water, and since the pineal gland governs the heart and its rhythm, as well as melatonin, which is something the awakened elemental vampire does not have much of, especially females and males alike in peri menopause (If one’s mate is going through menopause or pre-menopause, he will, regardless if he knows her or not, or has been with her, but now is not with her, will exhibit signs of peri menopause up to 1-3 years depending on their type of bond.)

    There is no way to unawake a vampire once they have awakened, especially they transcend and shed off negative vibes of their lives, they can not be thrown back into an unawakened state. There is no way to calcify their pineal gland, because if we take energy, we never had a pineal gland to begin with that was Calcified! Our brains move, our spine moves (thanks, fibro and msd!) we progress into an energy state of being, and we remain as that, for as long as we live on the planet. Even if a vampire of this nature was stabbed, or shot, even if fatal, one may still survive due to their energy state of being, especially if transcended.

    This article will back up some of the things I have already stated above. I drink Aquafina which is Alkali water, Alkali keeps the being in a in between energy state such as I mentioned before, and it keeps the being in this state for at least 3 days per bottle of Aquafina.

    Eating potatoes will also help to pull Calcify from your brain and body as well. Potatoes contain a starch that, especially mashed, boiled or baked/nuked, will pull and clean out Calcify from the body.

    Broccoli will also, eaten raw or steamed in the microwave will cleanse it from your system as well as baby spinach which is good that helps you with folate.

    Corn on the cob steamed in the microwave (careful its hot!) as well as grilled and boiled on the stove will, as well as zesty mexican corn on the cob will pull and cleanse Calcify from the body as well.

    You want to stay away from Soy Milks, Avacado, Coconut Milks, Butter or Lard, not margarine, Crisco Oils, Bacon (pig, not turkey bacon), Eggs, Eggnog, Ramen Noodles, Deer meat, Rabbit meat, any kind of wild game meat, because animals eat whatever they can, grass, maybe bits of trash, pollution, and do not have healthy bodies themselves because of how they live or die.

    Fish, Chicken, Turkey, are cleaner than wild game, because their meat is white. This does not mean they have Calcify in their body. Calcify is technically just Vitamin D2. Most elemental vampires would not be able to take D2 as a supplement, because similar to Iron tablets, it will make us feel extremely nauseated and sick and later on constipated. Taking D2 as a supplement would not unawaken a vampire who is awake. It would not be able to calcify their pineal gland, because they would not be able to take more than five pills of D2 supplement. If they take more than that, they aren’t truly energy vampiric. D2 is a physical dose state. It would not interact with ever evolving energy forms, its a two different types of states, the energy form state would reject the physical state. It could not prolong stages of awakening where the vampire in question is afraid to continue on with their awakening, the energy state would swiftly kick in and rush the energy being forward, the D2 supplement (sorta like goat milk), where Cow’s milk is Vitamin D, and D3 itself would be more of a Soy Milk or Coconut milk variety. The D2 supplement would “hang” as the energy being moved onward, and the energy being would not be able to take anymore of the D2.

    The second article above mentions ways to decalcify your body.

    This is really a good one, its a bit more “Inter-dimensional” that I like to read about these days, but it’s from the third wave of Indigo Children or star hippies like myself, or rainbow children, where we have First wave, second wave, third wave, fourth wave and firth wave of “galactic beings” who also awaken, old souls, soul mates, these sorts of hippies and hipsters who love gems, metals, incense, bohemian prints, antiques, and such more. First wave people (myself) are over it by the time people like the above article (third wavers) get there, we did this 3-5 years back and it keeps going you see, it never stops. The fourth wavers are the people, as well as the fifth wave people who keep this Lion Gate thing going, they believe their is a lion gate and it opened on a certain day and time, on 11:11 and so on and there’s a cosmic circle and their are summits and so on. Fifth wavers havejust started talking about a 3D, or 3rd Dimension, and there is NO dimension that opens, its just a new energy vibration and brings you into your being….by making you have panic attacks, nervous breakdowns and depression! What?!

    Depress. Depress means something is pushed in or pushed down part way. This pushing, creates a breaking down, this breaking down makes people panic, this panic leads to  a nervous breakdown. This is the negative view of this behavior, its what people in the world say is wrong with you, but really nothing is wrong, other than everything we know has gone to hell and we no longer get our ways, because the way we are getting it, is wrong, and we need to start manifestation of it in the right ways. When you start to give to yourself in good ways, everything falls into place for YOU!

    So no worries, you can detox your calcify from your body and reprogram yourself to give to you in good ways.

    It’s also important to state that Starseeds are still not “actual aliens or galactic beings” — Star souls are the term you seek. Star souls awaken, and can change their lives almost immeditately, others pretending to be these star seeds can not, will not and have ego and need a husband, family, kids to be someone important. Also Vitamin B3, also known as Niacin will destroy Calcify in the body/brain, and so will Vitamin B5. B5 will help you get rid of an ex love you used to know as twin flame or soul mate. Girls and Guys, if you really are someone’s mate, you won’t be a flame runner, most of us have never been loved like this so we really want this close wonderful connection with someone until we realize, they are mean! They’ve loved other people BEFORE US! BEFORE US! There really is no such thing as soul mate, soul twin, twin soul, twin flame, soul flame, purple flame, red flame and so on. It’s Crap, to make money and make you believe a website that is not even real.

    I know right? Now I am not saying you did not love them in a past life, had an amazing love, family, kids and a few pets maybe, or what not and YOU knew this person. I’ve been there too, I knew my lover just as well and amazing connection and saw the same color of red at the same time, even! It’s empathy — and men and women know how to use their wiles to hook you into being there each and every single time. Look at the sitchuation here, what do they possibly want?  Do you have a car? Money? A Home? Insurance plan?  A younger sister? A Best friend? Have you already heard the words “Marry me, let’s move in together, I need a place to stay, I am fighting with someone and need a place to live?” “Can you help me with x amount of money til I get paid? and so on.

    If you don’t have anything they want — just wait. I am not saying this about everyone you’ve ever known. I am just saying 10 times out of 7 this is the case. What makes it stick is regardless of what you do, what you say, how you act after you break it off, how they stay with you makes it real. One day you’ll be cleaning your room and you’ll find something of theirs they left behind and it will amaze you. Where did that come from? You were sure that was not there before. Has it been under there since then? It will amaze you. Then you can’t stop looking at them, and guess what? They are probably looking at you, too. Then out of no where he will call you or text you or msg you on facebook. He will find some determined way to stay in your life and he will resort to all forms of sneakery to do just that. That is how you know you have Ammuitinity with someone. Ammuitinity is when it just is. There is no denying that. (A mew tin knee) there is also Ammuitinel, which is the transcended version of Ammuitinity. It translates to the “Brides of Scaras” and it is a Lasa thing, of the Etruscani people. Scaras being a bit like Scarab to the Egyptians. Scaras is not a being, or a deity, Scaras is a Deitel, or a marriage a binding. It just is, either you get it or you don’t and vice versus, you can run all you like, but sooner or later you two will have to face the facts, you two are in a Dietel together.

  • Ana Massien 1:08 PM on December 6, 2016 Permalink  

    Poisonous People 


    We all have that one friend, or maybe you have more than one friend, whom is not really a friend, who is just down right toxic.

    For instance, I had a “friend” who stated “I did great work on wordpress, but he didn’t know why I wanted a socibd network”.

    Because people on socibd can join and post stuff to their profiles! WordPress, even if you give the people a place on your blog as a contributor, they will not be able to post things like they would on a social network: blogs, videos, pictures, etc except by a blog post. That is more cms than  I like.

    Please, for the new year, in 2017 cut out the poisonous people of your life. These will be the interesting, crush objects more than likely of your friends and associates. You do not need these people crushing your dreams. They will be some of the most negative people in all the world to you once you change your opinions on them. Don’t hate, but don’t love toxic people.

    Or before you know it, said friend has hooked his fangs into you, and unlike a vampire has no desire to do anything more than kill everything he fears about you to himself. It’s why he believes you can and should, only do well in one venue of your life rather than all, who needs this?


  • Ana Massien 12:54 PM on December 6, 2016 Permalink  

    Why are “we” here? 

    So many people do not know why we are here on the planet, at this special time in history.

    I. What’s so special about now?

    There has been an inner and outer and global awakening going on since 1997. Even if you don’t see it or feel it, you are apart of that change. How you can wake up to it is to stop living in the society, and start living in the expectation of self, to do that, you will still ‘live’ in the world, but you will not take in trends, shows, movies, or other things that you used to find joys in. I am not saying stop cold turkey, but do meditative things that make you feel good, even if its just a cup of tea in a quiet room once a day.

    II. Why are we “vampires” or star souls, or otherkin, or “insert word here”?

    We have always been what we are, we can evolution this and grow in this tradition, but we will never out grow the “phase” or become something else. We can be something higher, wiser and more contained, but we can never lose what we are. It does not take 120 years to transcend ourselves, it takes only 30 minutes to 3 years, it depends on you and your commitment.

    III. We are here to experience life, unlife, undeath, and shamanic ways of living, to be a better being than you were in the past. We must let go, shed, and grow anew. This is our reward, it is our coming home present.

    Despite what others tell you or say, it can not be taken away from you, unless you truly abuse your gifts and your selves.

    Vampirism was never a Victorian Curse. It’s been with us all for ages, and it is our reward, not our problem or condition or disease. How you choose to live with it and through it, is the condition or the disease.

  • Ana Massien 12:40 PM on December 6, 2016 Permalink
    Tags: , , , writing   

    News on Domains 

    I have done away with the url and configured, which is now the same site but now focused on all my projects so now I can have 50 million interest groups instead of 50 million different websites.

    Creativity is a monster you can’t shut off.

    Wraitli Exbuis, Spiritual State, Templati Losh (Loosh), and a fibro group all are taking center stage this week on site.

    Come see me and update your bookmarks.

  • Ana Massien 12:34 PM on December 6, 2016 Permalink  

    Vampires that can’t dye their hair

    I have also tried the peroxide that comes with the Splat hair kit, no change at all.

    If you can not dye your hair blonde (from dark to bleached only) would you please consider answering some questions?

    • Do you siphon energy or are you an empathic person/being?
    • Have you ever drank blood, even remotely because of the energy you sensed it contained?
    • How old were you when you attempted to bleach your hair?
    • Are you male or female?
    • Did you ever get your hair to bleach?

    You don’t have to give me any names, or anything personal this is just a poll of sorts for research materials.

    Pranic: A being that siphons life force energy from veggies, fruits, sexual fluids, spit, and blood.

    Sanguinarian: a person that drinks blood because it is a fetish or a vampiric like thing to do. It usually provides no energy rush, and poisons the aura of the person in general (turning it brownish, yellow or black with spazz in the aura field) this tends to make an elemental or pranic feel sick to encounter their auras.

  • Ana Massien 2:07 AM on November 27, 2016 Permalink  

    Dealing with RA, possible treatment (Theory Only) 

    Today, I have Theory good news if you suffer from RA or Rhematoid Authrithis.

    If you are an elemental siphoner and your primarily feeding method is elemental energy, and no fluids or blood with a donor, and you are a latent vampire and transcend, you will not have the major horribleness of RA, which can be joint (inner) and joint (outer) disfigurement. If you did not know RA caused joints in hands and fingers to become crooked, I am sorry.

    If you are a woman, and you are a latent vampire I need to hear from you: Have you ever taken Estradiol for Estrogen or birth control methods? If not, please read up on it here:

    I briefly was taking a birth control method in July, I had to quit taking this method which also contained progestin as well as estradiol. However, I found out that the estradiol part of the pills helped my pains in my body including RA symphtoms and also Fibro.

    So, if your RA is bad, and you don’t mind some odd side effects, even for men I would suggest you ask your doctor about an Estradiol supplement to see if it helps your RA.

    Estradiol Side Effects

    Common Side Effects of Estradiol

    You should tell your doctor if any of the following symptoms are severe or do not go away:

    Breast pain or tenderness
    Mood changes or depression
    Difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep
    Changes in sexual desire
    Back pain
    Runny nose, cough, or flu-like symptoms
    Hair loss or unwanted hair growth
    Darkening of facial skin
    Difficulty wearing contact lenses
    Vaginal discharge
    Swelling, redness, burning, irritation, or itching of the vagina
    Redness or irritation at the site of application

    Vampires tend to suffer from RA, and Lupines or Lupi/Ipi/Lupo etc seem to suffer primarily from Osteoarthritis, which is similar that it wears and tears on the bones of both types of “species”, one being Homosapien = Lupi/Upyr (which is not vampiric) and the other is Hetriesamian (tho there is another term for the Vampire term as well) The Gypsy counterpart or Hamiasaphren suffers from Hypertension and fluid buildup in the form as well as COPD and Lupus, which is their form of RA in their bodies. A Hetriesaman/Hetriesamian is also a term for a Therian, an energy entity in the culture of Therianism or Therianthrophy.
    The reason I brought up the types is that Estradiol already treats Osteoarthritis, I am sure if it helps them and it, it could help RA.

    Therians are also Vampires, the term being the same per culture, even tho its not actually seen that way, but therians and vampires take energy from the same sources in the same way.

    Its also important to note that Hetriesaman has a dark nature, and Hetriesamian has a more flippant nature – Hetriesaman would be a blood and sexual fluids drinker as well as energy consumer, Hetriesamian would be more Strigoica like or Strigo/ri for men. Hetriessamian also takes energy but usually from people, preferring the ambient sexual approach and Hetriessaman would take energy as well but more elemental and would have a dark swift nature.

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