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  • Ana Massien 1:35 AM on February 11, 2017 Permalink
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    Communal of the Red Mandala 

    I have deleted the main page off facebook known as spiritual state or the communal of the red mandala. I will be re-creating the principles behind Spiritual State and the Communal of the red mandala spiritual state wordpress as well.

    I am looking for a better place to build a page or profile for spiritual state/Communal/Temple and so on and will go from there when I find it. I did not want it to be on paganspace or wiccantogether because even tho we have pagan spirituality and wiccan, we’re for more than just that. Maybe a Page or group off of anamassien.us/groups as well we have a SS group there, but I want to cover more than just a spiritual state of being.

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    Hello Sky Levenson,

    We chronicle elemental vampirism here at WE. Elemental energy is what we consume the most, which creates phenom called true form vampirism or shamanism, thus making us like the “vampyres” of the ancient times, and not a victorian item, even tho its represented.

    We mainly study heritage vampirism and shamanism – Romanian Strigoi/Moroi/ other tribe names and also Italian Volsci/Strilli/Strinoi and other tribe names depending which part of the country you were from.

    I am not going to defend my link on otherkin.net, that’s disrespectful to the site owner regardless if you know them or not. “Vampyres are not otherkin” yes, they are considered to be “other” because they can change what their energy signature can feel like to others. 😉

  • Ana Massien 12:40 PM on December 6, 2016 Permalink
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    News on Domains 

    I have done away with the darkcovensociety.us url and configured http://www.anamassien.us, which is now the same site but now focused on all my projects so now I can have 50 million interest groups instead of 50 million different websites.

    Creativity is a monster you can’t shut off.

    Wraitli Exbuis, Spiritual State, Templati Losh (Loosh), and a fibro group all are taking center stage this week on site.

    Come see me and update your bookmarks.

  • Ana Massien 6:59 PM on October 5, 2016 Permalink
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    Welcome, updates 

    I am re working on this blog press and will be using it with http://www.paganbook.us/signup

    You’re welcome to join our groups/guilds on our site, where we discuss truths, theologies, facts from fictions, and have chat. Just make sure you plan to be active on site if you join.

    You don’t have to be pagan, wiccan etc, just be able to log in, participate and understand logic. It helps to be pagan, wiccan, vampire, therian, awakened but its not a requirement.

  • Ana Massien 4:29 PM on July 3, 2015 Permalink
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    Spiritual State Affairs 

    Has moved to http://paganfriends.in/spiritualstate However, we will still use the blog here. I’ve imported the wordpress blog as is to that community and you can create your own vampire social there as well. It is a Buddypress Social network.

    I did this because some people that follow this blog want to hack the password and destroy it.

  • Ana Massien 9:42 PM on June 20, 2015 Permalink
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    It’s important to state that even though I am racist with dating prefs, I do have good friends that are African American; that do help me succeed in life. I live in a primarily African American community that is Christian based that helps transitional/homeless people with housing. I would not seek to actively cause anyone harm even “If I could”. I believe in human decency and humanitarian acts. For all races, species, cultures and nations. It is why I blog to hopefully help others. — Ana Massien

    I look on my facebook account at the news headlines. IT’s how I see news now rather than turning on my tv. I see 49 billion same news stories, that worry the world. It bounces off my head like it’s not even real.

    People always wondered if Roswell in 1951 was real, and now I see the same stuff in the world again today with just about every news story. Does the world worry you? Many people, including me, have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). I have had to change what I watch on tv, and how I watch it. I don’t watch any crime fighting tv shows like law and order, csi or ncis anymore. I am one of the tv fidgeters anyway, if it’s five minutes in and my mind goes “ok go away from this” then the channel is changed. I just can’t sit there and watch stupid shit. I watch CNN on Mute.

    I am not going to be one of those women 5 years from now sitting at home at 8pm sitting there in my gown and watching men bust down the door to bust drug dealers or thugs. Because of these shows, others who are terrorists, either terror filled or terror to cause, assume real life america is like its TV shows like NCIS and CSI. It’s not. They watch our tv and movies, online or in the country and assume they can blow us all up. God has already shown me that I am not going to die like that. There’s no need for me to sit there pretending I could, or giving you the almighty assumption that I could. Pervs also watch this crap.

    I love how evil people are these masterminds who for some odd reason believed they could shoot people, a college or a church, and yet didn’t think about what would happen after they did what they did. What happens when these people are bleeding everywhere, what do you do? I am not a stupid american. I can’t sit here and tell you I believe this really happened and is in fact a real story. I’ve never seen a closed tv circuit webcam judge appearance via court before. It looks like a stunt for Presidental hopefuls to see how they would handle it. I think Big Media is bored and perhaps its some tough love experiment to plan for the real thing in some cases. All the news media on facebook are running this poor kid in the ground.

    “He was disturbed” He had a website targeting people.” No one in their correct right mind is going to log in to tripod and have an ugly website with poems of hate and stupidity on it. Every kid who has ever blown up something or shot something or someone and was an idiot was ABUSED, NEGLECTED, HAD A BAD WEBSITE OR FACEBOOK ACCOUNT, AND OR HAD NO REAL FRIENDS, KEPT TO THEMSELVES, AND HAD A HORRIBLE FAMILY LIFE. IT’S WHY THEY WENT POSTAL TO BEGIN WITH. It’s the same excuses. They always have links to the occult or sexual abuse as children, or they are on drugs. If there was less freedom for people, and people were checked more closely, then these things could not happen. He was 17 and got a gun for his birthday. wth. o.O Excuse the emotes, but come on now, you don’t give kids guns. I have even seen bb guns be abused and used to hurt people. -_- Did they even check his school records? His doctor records? History of abuse in his family? I mean, really peeps.

    Now the president, which I support and also the presidental hopeful, Mrs. Clinton which I also support for 2016, believe we should stamp out racism. I agree. But this is the USA, you have thousands of people that hate african americans, or in some way or another are racist towards them. I live in a community where the race is primarily African American. They are different than me, but we all bleed red. I am an old fashioned white girl. I don’t date outside my race. Many people would assume that it’s racism that makes me this way and it is. I do not find African American men or women sexually arousing or attractive people to date. I belong with my own kind. That is discrimination. It’s like I am trying to say “white people are the best race”, and we aren’t. But I like what I like and I have my “political correctness of person” to be this way. It’s also my American right as a woman to turn anyone away that’d I would like. You can not give the people the ability to be politically and humanly correct for their personage and then say “Nope that’s Racist”, or soon like the Indian women, we are wearing some sort of dot or burka stating how we are affiliated on the street. Some people find that very offensive to and for the women, for the effect of wearing it, or for the sake of argument entirely for or against. Then, South Carolina, where the incident supposedly took place, does not lower the Confederate flag to observe the sympathy. The Confederate Flag is a flag of adversity that should fly high no matter who or what died or happened. That is why that flag was created to begin with; to show people that it would fly regardless of incident, and actually flew for the abomination of slavery, rather than to champion the war’s progress to continue it. See, I am a Georgian Resident that actually knows why that flag exists. All the African Americans on facebook believe it stands for slavery. No it does not, or Grits, Hominy and every other food present also at a slave’s time of crisis is also to blame and should be gotten rid of as well. Slaves and Slavery have been in the world since the time of the Levites in the Bible.

    Confederate = what does this term (latin) actually mean? “To show sympathy in the face of oppression of adversity”.

    The Bible, another book often overlooked in times of crisis by people crying foul words over flags and other objects that can’t actually kill anybody, states that a master should treat his slave well, and a slave should mind his master well. While it does hurt the spirit of many people that slaves needed masters and masters needed slaves for work, these two common indicators saw every right decision to endure their companionship of one another. In other words, white people did not make slaves because of skin color, it was in the bible to begin with, and because of the Christian religion, slavery endured so some people could be taken care of by white settlers who had large families and needed extra help.

    I do not condone slavery, between races, men, women, children or animals. I am sure if I lived in the 1860’s then I was a white woman with no husband who didn’t need any slaves, or any kind of business enduring that kind of life or constitution. I believe in reincarnation and the afterlife and living well. I was a woman gunslinger from 1821 until 1888, and even then some after that, but actively during that time. Went everywhere from Arizona to Florida to North Carolina and back to Georgia as well as some parts of Colorado and Sierra Nevada. I was a Good Gunslingin’ woman, and I am not afraid to sit here and say it. I don’t like to romance the ideal of such novelty either, because those times were dirt hard to live through. I can’t see why some idiot would say I make shit up and romance about shit. John wayne movies ain’t sexy to me. Or Clint Eastwood for that matter. (Attn Andy and Keith nod)

    Perhaps that is what America should do to fix it’s racist issue, go back to younger times when people were “owned” but had equal rights and some got more than equal pay even then. If you can not support your own self, and you have no home, and you know someone who does and needs help, what are you going to say to them? “Can I stay here for board, work for your family”? Remember, it is also slaves in the 1700’s up in Salem, MA that got all the witches in trouble, due to ghost stories and working African Black Magick supposedly. What if this is just a conspiracy theory?

    It’s in our dna and in our blood to hold the opinions we do, to feel the way we feel. Some people, white, black, red, green or blue do not take care of themselves, smell really nasty and are unkept, and unclean. I think one way to heal the racism problem to own up to being racist to begin with. Just because I dislike them does not mean I am going to make a plan to kill them all. That’s not going to work well. Disliking their culture also is not the problem, its the fact that some people believe they are owed a living when they don’t know how to work for it to get it “from white people” or other people of color or culture. I like myself enough to say “I don’t mind disliking their cultures”. I don’t eat their food, or dress like them, or carry on like they do. If African Americans did not have the oppression they do, they may never rise above and conquer the barrier they think keeps them from accomplishment.

    I like President Obama, and I voted for the man in rural south Georgia and I had to hide it because everyone there hated the idea of a Black/Muslim President. I thrived being the minority that voted for change. I understood the way they lived and having to live in secret and do things secretly and Americans, Democrats and Republicans should not have to live that way. Not all white people are decent people, just like any other race. Sometimes, I am racist against my own kind as well. Does that make me a Bigot, Hypocrite or asshole? No, It makes me an American that accepts their right to free speech and opinion that stops right there and does not do anything else, because other than an opinion or political statement about myself that’s all I can legally do. I would have an issue with the bible also depicting how some slaves and masters lived, even way back then.

    But we are all servants at some point to God or to one another. We are always doing for others. This is servitude. Even if you are working earning the american dollar, you are in the servitude of yourself, your boss, your co workers, your company and the American government who pays you.

    I don’t think we can heal America’s “Racist wounds”, but I believe we should come together and talk about it more so as we all have a common place on it. Then people will learn that just because they are a color to someone else, does not mean they are owed money or a living because of it. Oppression is a bitter friend. It will break you, and remake you. But it will be your attitude in your life that directs you towards what end you believe you need to make for yourself. Then people will think about their actions more before they act a certain way or train better for better solutions amoung the American public.

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    Brasov, Romania 

    This is where I am from, as a little girl I was here until age 4, and then in the early 80’s was sent to America to live with my father’s uncle, which was my great uncle.

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bra%C8%99ov I like to check up on the old country every now and again. I like the buildings the most, with the spires’ truly looks like it would have in the 13th century as well.

    The Black Church Picture taken by https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Kjetil%20r Listed on Wikipedia From June 5th, 2005

    Most do not know that I am adopted as my parent’s were not very well off at the time and believed my life in America would be more well off. I don’t speak allot about my upbringing or child hood or real life online, as my life is personal.

    I also have Volsci ancestry from Italy, from my mother’s side as well as my father.

  • Ana Massien 12:39 PM on April 30, 2015 Permalink
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    May 1st, 2015 – Beltane/Beltaine 

    Greetings again everyone,

    It’s been a hectic few weeks here, not writing very much. Was dealing with sickness and then re-transformations and then all sorts of stuff. Beltane in the Celtic wheel is May 1st, old Beltaine being May 5th, which is the official start of summer in Ireland (Pagan wise and the UK as well), it is a feasting, consorting, marriage and divine union with your horned god day. A fire festival, normally as summer is always equated with heat.

    The Strejas do not believe in male and female consorting like the Celts. It is allowed [ as in all things, strejas love sex as well] but we are much more reverent, in a womanly heathen way, we become the United knot of Cosumation and Consumation within ourselves, like correct lord and lady companionship and marriage. Strejas are often barren by age 38 already going through their change of womanhood. (Praise God) as I have also and men do not want a barren woman so they seek out the werewolf ( or gypsy women, believing them to be more wanton, and they are but most are / were unclean in the body) women to be with on Beltane, which is fine if they wish to be shameful to their race, can she heal you when you are sick? No, you come to our Moroica’s. A Streja who has become barren is not a bad omen, she is often more sexual and giving than other women who may be barren or not ;-P She knows herself and her womanly body, she’s able to use it.

    On Celtic Beltane, we are in the Ciric of Ruja, we eat nuts and some meats and some summer fruits, and go on a journey of sorts by ourselves [Sojourn]. WE are free beast women, and we are at peace, we see all you others trying to mess with a blessing supposedly but our men are free and can roam 😉 we never needed to be with a man or beast man in order to be our heathen selves 😉

    Ruja Witska 

    Our Lady and maiden is Runa, maiden of the wood, in her elder (not Hag, or crone remember, Stregani never truly look olden or gnarled) guise or her Suis role (Dark Sister) she is Ruja in the late winter and Rujais in Early spring, having come into some of her youthfulness again as seasons change.

    She is playful but also wise; and will not give the men what they are seeking from her. It seems whenever our women change, our men, as they are around others, do not change, but get younger and more immature with her. They expect her to give up her virtue (sleep with them) while they have sex with unclean people. That does not excite Ruja, or Runa for that matter. Runa is also Runais, then also Runuias in her change to barren woman – we don’t want children in our lives so if we wise peri-menopause early we go ahead and apply the natural change so by our 43 year we are more well adjusted to changes other women are just starting out on. Being Barren does not mean we stop being sexual, we become even more sexual because we are comfortable with our bodies, and our forms and our “ways”, so we seem younger than we were in youth (teens). The bodily fluids flow better and we make better relation decisions than thembiates – as we are clean sexually, and we taste better. 😉 If you don’t mind me saying so. 😉 I am a wise Witska shaman that knows her sexual body; I am very open and comfortable talking about sex and I don’t blush and giggle and all that mess. I went on a journey with myself to be celibate for five years in 2010 and reached my landmark on April 13th, 2015, I am stronger because of my bet with myself and wiser about my changed body and my being. I also know men better and can see hidden aspects of a man’s attraction to a woman and will realize why he wants her long before he does himself. This aided my life coach abilities to help others heal from destructive relationships.

    If nothing else, celebrate Beltane as a woman with her own inner fire, don’t take shit from men, and enjoy yourselves on this day. You have earned the right to celebrate your womanhood – either with my partner, your partner or no one at all. Take a tip from the horned god – BE STAG – GO STAG. LOL I will be with my other “brother” and “mate” Vanshu smiles

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    Vampire lore or fake? 

    Send in your vampire lore, legends or mythos to see if its real or fake. I will read your story and let you know if its real, likely or fake, and then if real, give you advice to see if it helps.

    Any country lore, any story, any century or era is ok. I want to start doing this so people become aware of what vampirism actually really is and what its not.

  • Ana Massien 6:44 AM on March 11, 2015 Permalink
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    The Vampire Community 10+ years ago 

    I want to write for a few minutes about the vampire community 10+ years ago.

    Around that time, there were no groups, social networks or facebook about vampires, no houses, no temples etc.

    There were a couple of vampires online then who mainly lurked in the sanguinarian communities, who were actually men, not the women they have pretended to be, to be an extra voice in the den of vampirism online. I won’t give you names, that’s not yet the purpose of this blog.

    Then all a sudden up cropped the Sanguinarium, and along with Ordo Strigoi Vi, Vampyre Almanac and other Todd Businesses, vampires became really popular. People like Father Todd, Larae, Sanguinarius, Merticus Stevens, Rev. Vanir, Melissa Brown (Kindred Tribune) and later Mihai Constantine became really popular names. If you weren’t in with them, then you weren’t a real vampire nor was your community paid attention too. VampireKitten and Michelle Belanger are also two other very popular names, as well as Damien Daville, LA Judge, and Damian Nightwalker as well as Lono.

    Over the past three years, I have seen and witnessed allot of retiring from vampire communities, or people lurk their own communities and resources, when once the vampire aspect of their lives was so important, now it’s not and now life is more social media rich than it originally was. It’s not the time for retiring, its the time to come out and reunion.

    The Vampire Community could finally have its chapter, like VampSpace officially, but people shy away from social media due to the fact they were never actually really vampires. The true ones, we know if you were or are, really like us. We always knew that you weren’t, and when it came to truly awakening, you had to shut up or put up and you shut up. Wow, really you’re still community related, if its shame that keeps you from your former glory status then well suck it up, already. You’re just not the material you thought you were. But it Hurts them.


    So, you’re not really a vampire. But all the friends and all the good times are soured to you because you claimed to be something you weren’t. Why would you let that derail your 20’s and 30’s and maybe your 40’s?

    All the true vampires were born in 1977 onward, and they all awakened in 1997 onward. They are all elemental vampires today being more psychic than pranic at first after the main awakening period. Three years, they also started to project materially in 2010, and that has led to a derailment of vampiric articles because people are afraid to talk about projection. Except me, Their Regi.

    That sounds like fairytales, but in the realm of stregani affairs, it’s really not. Some people are designed to be actual leaders of these types of events in history and I believe that one of these people is myself.

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