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  • Ana Massien 6:59 PM on October 5, 2016 Permalink
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    Welcome, updates 

    I am re working on this blog press and will be using it with http://www.paganbook.us/signup

    You’re welcome to join our groups/guilds on our site, where we discuss truths, theologies, facts from fictions, and have chat. Just make sure you plan to be active on site if you join.

    You don’t have to be pagan, wiccan etc, just be able to log in, participate and understand logic. It helps to be pagan, wiccan, vampire, therian, awakened but its not a requirement.

  • Ana Massien 2:55 AM on March 23, 2016 Permalink
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    I hope you will check out http://spiritualstate.network-maker.com to be domained later, most likely spiritualstate.us or something like this, for spiritual people, communities and networking as well as motivational posts and images, videos and more.

  • Ana Massien 10:04 PM on March 12, 2016 Permalink
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    Wraitli Nixi Noxi Etalis Ni is Live.

    I have been going through some new changes regarding my spiritual evolution and advancement. I am happy to say we are in a place where I can continue to write about positive vampirism and shamanism.

    Work with VampiresWeb.eu is a bit slow, I wish to keep the domain and site(s) but because people like to brute force attacks I am not able to allow people to see the front page(s) so that they can join freely and create their own blog on our domain. It’s a Multi user, which means you can create your own groups and buddypress site, which trumps ning all to hell and back. You get one free site too and that’s awesome, maybe more if you feel you need it. However, we have to have your email and send you an invite for you to join so you can see it, or you can join our yahoogroup which allows for this also.

    I knew when Sangi passed the majority of the vampire community would be quiet. It’s been pretty dead, just seems like some in fighting going on in some places.

  • Ana Massien 6:24 AM on March 16, 2015 Permalink
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    Vampire lore or fake? 

    Send in your vampire lore, legends or mythos to see if its real or fake. I will read your story and let you know if its real, likely or fake, and then if real, give you advice to see if it helps.

    Any country lore, any story, any century or era is ok. I want to start doing this so people become aware of what vampirism actually really is and what its not.

  • Ana Massien 3:26 AM on March 11, 2015 Permalink
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    Join the Alliance! 

    I have decided I would forget the name Waithli Elsinixi Noxi, as I am kind of going in a different spiritual direction now called Strejas – Kind of like Strega, but instead of a Gypsy wise woman or Hypsy wise woman, Strejas depicts all stregani and all stregoni transcendal converts so to speak. Meaning if you had to drink an herbal mixture to help boost your dna to fortify you to make the needed change to positive revenancy, then that is what you’d do. Stregani are innate, natural, but a Stregoni has gotten stuck and can’t make the needed leap without some form of “Boost”. That is why vampires supposedly made other vampires, “awake” because they didn’t have the full whatever they needed to get through that change.

    (My friend has just exclaimed, “Don’t write that! People are going to talk!”) Why have a blog site depicting real actual vampirism and shamanism if you can not talk about “that filthy cup of fornification”? lmao — Give me that OLE time religion! Because people get scared. They think that someone will change and they won’t like them anymore. lol I am a Beasty let me reign.

    If they do change – they are supposed to. It’s why it’s called shamanism, stupid. Not saying that you are “stupid”, but pagans and others can act so dumb sometimes. Normally it’s not “blood, semen or spit” It’s something natural like Tea with lemon, or tea without sugar and with lemon. I call this “Tepid pond water”, because that’s what tea without sugar tastes like.

    People who can’t “handle the truth” shouldn’t mind the truth, because they think they want to parasitically prey on your throat, legs, arms or other body parts to get your blood, what a rush, because that type of creepy behavior from the 1700’s is what gets them off on the whole ideal of vampirism and donors. My friend likes 1700 century vampirism, it makes him feel “quaint” and it also has made him more than a little high, drunk, weird and gay. You don’t need to act like a loony swan to be vampiric. I prefer elemental energies to stupidity. In the community today that whole term is called “grazing” Like a cow would in a field on some grass.

    Welcome to the newly named Alliance of WordPress Vampyre Bloggers, aka “House WordPressian”. giggles Let me have some fun.

  • Ana Massien 6:06 PM on January 11, 2015 Permalink
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    I could have a book too! 

    But long ago, I decided I would have an on going blog instead and look! here we are at wraithlycommunal.wordpress.com

    Editing is a real whore and my g and h key’s on my current laptop are broken so typing for very long would drive me literally insane.

    Plus with an on going blog you get to share things everyday with everyone, rather than all at once. I encourage all writers’ and while I was a very angry vampire woman that hated werewolves and all forms of animal folk in days of yore 5 or so years ago, I do not mean them ill will now but will continue my work of vampireology, which they swear is spelled with an “e” in there and I just know that it’s not. Vampyr, Vampir, Vampire, Vampyre, whatever, we need the “e” it stands for energy or elemental energy. (haha, a vampire joke) I do NOT exactly approve of their ways or their living or how they carry on with their traditions, its pretty disgusting really, but not all of them are like that, but if given the chance to do so again they may or they may not. I TRY to get along with all people, regardless now, but also there are some vampires I just plain can’t stand the work, words or width of either.

    While I am here, you can also check out http://vampbook.net and http://circles.vampbook.net

    VampBook.net is a self hosted buddypress in which you can sign up by profile, group and also your own website (again) on vampbook.net — I need a better sign up page soon and I will have one, as well as VampBook.net the facebook version is at circles.vampbook.net an oxwall social site, where we pull allot of news from the net – wen, sanguinarius, realvampirenews, yahoo tech and odd news, ascension and motivational websites and others featuring spirituality you may find interesting.

    You may o ahead and sign up for both and I will not be networking on facebook. I am really tired of facebook so I will networking on better associated media soon.

  • Ana Massien 10:55 AM on December 22, 2014 Permalink
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    Quick note 

    I don’t have spiritualjournals.org anymore, I got rid of my siteground hosting. I need more money in Jan to take care of house and home issues. I am currently writing about vampirism and shamanism here and moving all spread out articles to wordpress, soon.

    I am also working on I.Society at wall.fm http://isociety.wall.fm its for anyone regardless of spirituality, but spiritual people are welcome to make a page, blog and add groups and things. It showcases your life.

    The lefora forums have been taken off the site for now. I am working on some proboards for the group forum and chat. http://wraithlycommunal.niceboards.net is the url and I will add more info to it and about it later.

  • Ana Massien 2:11 PM on November 23, 2014 Permalink
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    Welcome to our Gathering. 

    Welcome to our gathering, which is a non roleplaying community aimed at helping older latent vampires/vampyres understand elder vampirism and energy shamanism, helps others understand advanced true form vampirism and actualism; helps you find an energy path to work, if you so seek it and is a gathering of generalized people and personas via chat.

    I/we seek to teach and destroy lies about our kind, seek to promote articles, people, personas, resources and websites for our people, and to unify all vampiric kind by giving them one website, like facebook where it is not just a community of a community, but a unified banner under which people can join, create, promote and receive the recognition they deserve or think they deserve. That site will probably be a wall.fm /oxwall site and it will probably be called RealVampireProfiles.org or something like this, but this is much later on in 2015.

    I/we are not doing this to replace the vampire community, organization or non, we are doing it as a social experiment in case people or personas wanted such a place to congregate at so as to better organize their websites, resources, communities, and or non. We will be taking votes to see if realvampireprofiles.org [or another website like this…] would be a welcome experiment so please vote if it winds up in your inbox.

    RealVampireProfiles will have: Or RealVampiresWorld/Space/Journals/Book/Box lol or other name(s)

    • Facebook like pages
    • newsfeed like facebook
    • profile and group covers
    • groups
    • chat/im
    • gifts
    • the ability to drag and drop profiles
    • sponsor or free accounts
    • Videos and pictures
    • ability to sponsor and or donate funds

    It will be a wall.fm/oxwall social network. I am not saying this will be the actual name of the site but it gives you an idea of what we/I are going after and what we are not. We could also have a wordpress/buddypress multi site which means you would see the site like realvampiressocial.com and it would have a blog cms and then you would be able to have your own blog or cms website also at http://realvampiressocial.com/mysitehere and so on and on for unlimited members, with chat, media, IM and more. Great idea or not so great? Vote in the site polls and let us know.

    • Vendetta 3:55 PM on November 29, 2014 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Feel free to leave your comments, as long as their polite. If we build this thing, we want it to be for all the people, regardless of status, race, gender, being, spirituality, or non. Please leave us some comments wherever you would like them to be and join our forums if you want to say more and help.

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