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  • Ana Massien 11:39 PM on June 8, 2017 Permalink
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    I have been going thru some personal changes as well as mental, emotional, psychic, etc. and I wanted to be in a more perm. place with my being before I started writing about Vampires and such again.

    I want to clear something up just in case people are wondering:
    Vampyres are NOT SWAMP People.
    The Upi, The Upyr and the Lupi people are swamp people.

    Strigoi pretty much hate lakes, rivers, ponds, creeks, swamps. If they don’t then its a cross over with another tribe, but if they were not crossed over they would NOT like it. Especially really still water… Oh its awful.

    Strigoi are [Before they were Romanian or Italian in descent and afterward also] descended from the Appalachian tribe of Creek indians called Cree or Crei. [Around West Virginia. They would also be called Lei] They are fierce hunters, raiders when pissed. Once the maiden enters their form of menopause, all the tribe will go thru the changes too, especially if she has been sexual with them, it doesn’t matter how long its been. The tribe is also called Dacian or Daci (The Cactus People) they did not like the valleys and the rivers and the mountains, give us an arid desert plain with a little water, and dirt to grow some food. That’s all we really need.

    Much of the southern states used to be desert or arid savannahs called Dousa’s. Dousa had small rivers and streams and some small ponds. But you didn’t live near or in them. A Swamp is called Sousa or Swousa. This is bad places and bad land. You don’t go near the bad lands. It will get in your head and thats all you will see for a long time and then you have to have nature medicine and live in arid land again for a while and not see startling images.
    Of course, this time period was 995K years ago. I’ve done some research on this time period and thanks to google, it spoke about several forms of ancestor to the current homosapien species. However, Homosapien is not a Vampiric being, Hetriesapian is, I’ve spoke about them before on this blog. Homosapian look like your basic Varolaci native, the Sapi or the Sami tribe. (Seminole, Cherokee, Apache).

  • Ana Massien 6:41 PM on April 6, 2015 Permalink
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    Want your stories 

    Hello everyone,

    I am looking for members or blog followers or vampires or lifestylers or any other person to submit stories on any vampire gathering they have ever been too, positive, negative, or just plain weird.

    I will submit some if not all your tales to the blog here, on a page or post about People Experiences with Vampire Cultures.

    It can be a long story or a short one, its up to you which you’d like to include. Feel free to state which city, state, or group/meetup you were apart of, if it was a website meet, house meeting, or other club or such. If you have a website link to associate with them, feel free to send it in.

    This feedback has no limit and I don’t care if you have more than one story.

  • Ana Massien 6:24 AM on March 16, 2015 Permalink
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    Vampire lore or fake? 

    Send in your vampire lore, legends or mythos to see if its real or fake. I will read your story and let you know if its real, likely or fake, and then if real, give you advice to see if it helps.

    Any country lore, any story, any century or era is ok. I want to start doing this so people become aware of what vampirism actually really is and what its not.

  • Ana Massien 6:44 AM on March 11, 2015 Permalink
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    The Vampire Community 10+ years ago 

    I want to write for a few minutes about the vampire community 10+ years ago.

    Around that time, there were no groups, social networks or facebook about vampires, no houses, no temples etc.

    There were a couple of vampires online then who mainly lurked in the sanguinarian communities, who were actually men, not the women they have pretended to be, to be an extra voice in the den of vampirism online. I won’t give you names, that’s not yet the purpose of this blog.

    Then all a sudden up cropped the Sanguinarium, and along with Ordo Strigoi Vi, Vampyre Almanac and other Todd Businesses, vampires became really popular. People like Father Todd, Larae, Sanguinarius, Merticus Stevens, Rev. Vanir, Melissa Brown (Kindred Tribune) and later Mihai Constantine became really popular names. If you weren’t in with them, then you weren’t a real vampire nor was your community paid attention too. VampireKitten and Michelle Belanger are also two other very popular names, as well as Damien Daville, LA Judge, and Damian Nightwalker as well as Lono.

    Over the past three years, I have seen and witnessed allot of retiring from vampire communities, or people lurk their own communities and resources, when once the vampire aspect of their lives was so important, now it’s not and now life is more social media rich than it originally was. It’s not the time for retiring, its the time to come out and reunion.

    The Vampire Community could finally have its chapter, like VampSpace officially, but people shy away from social media due to the fact they were never actually really vampires. The true ones, we know if you were or are, really like us. We always knew that you weren’t, and when it came to truly awakening, you had to shut up or put up and you shut up. Wow, really you’re still community related, if its shame that keeps you from your former glory status then well suck it up, already. You’re just not the material you thought you were. But it Hurts them.


    So, you’re not really a vampire. But all the friends and all the good times are soured to you because you claimed to be something you weren’t. Why would you let that derail your 20’s and 30’s and maybe your 40’s?

    All the true vampires were born in 1977 onward, and they all awakened in 1997 onward. They are all elemental vampires today being more psychic than pranic at first after the main awakening period. Three years, they also started to project materially in 2010, and that has led to a derailment of vampiric articles because people are afraid to talk about projection. Except me, Their Regi.

    That sounds like fairytales, but in the realm of stregani affairs, it’s really not. Some people are designed to be actual leaders of these types of events in history and I believe that one of these people is myself.

  • Ana Massien 6:06 AM on March 11, 2015 Permalink
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    The reason for the polls page 

    There was a reason for these polls. I was hoping more people would take them and I will leave them up.

    The point for the polls is this – to poll people anon to see what stage of life they are in with their vampyrism, to see if they progress naturally as vampires who are innate, like strigoi or stregani, or if they are only “vampiric” due to trend, or because they live around people who are, or, they are actually Varolaci who appear to be real vampires but actually are not.
    Varolaci or Duhvois, who pretend to be real vampires, who encourage behavior and archetype of life like “Merticus Stevens” promotes or has promoted due to fellows he used to be friends with.

    Varolaci aka Varko or Varkno, or Varnos, or Duhvois, pretend, and guess at vampirism by drinking animal blood, not because they want to because its easy blood but because it’s “Lycanthrophy” — animal aspects to be attributed to the form of the drinker because its fetid shamanism known as “samanism or lamanism” and Animalism.
    I do not condone feeding on animal blood, alive, or slain or even from food like steak and meat. 😦 It is one reason why we have trouble digesting meat due to animal blood and its level of pranic dna in blood, or because of the chemicals the animal digested in it’s body while it lived. (Like cow’s with methane in it’s stomach, therefore its in its milk and meat when its cooked.)

    True Vampires will need elemental energy more than blood, of any kind.

    People believe that animalism will give them a better version of their lives; it will enhance their strength or their chemistry with others. It doesn’t, it makes people behave sort of like the animal, wary of people and only attracted to animal like people. It’s very destructive to a person’s mind, looking in as a person tries to do this to themselves and its very destructive of a person to put others through, especially in relationships.

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    Join the Alliance! 

    I have decided I would forget the name Waithli Elsinixi Noxi, as I am kind of going in a different spiritual direction now called Strejas – Kind of like Strega, but instead of a Gypsy wise woman or Hypsy wise woman, Strejas depicts all stregani and all stregoni transcendal converts so to speak. Meaning if you had to drink an herbal mixture to help boost your dna to fortify you to make the needed change to positive revenancy, then that is what you’d do. Stregani are innate, natural, but a Stregoni has gotten stuck and can’t make the needed leap without some form of “Boost”. That is why vampires supposedly made other vampires, “awake” because they didn’t have the full whatever they needed to get through that change.

    (My friend has just exclaimed, “Don’t write that! People are going to talk!”) Why have a blog site depicting real actual vampirism and shamanism if you can not talk about “that filthy cup of fornification”? lmao — Give me that OLE time religion! Because people get scared. They think that someone will change and they won’t like them anymore. lol I am a Beasty let me reign.

    If they do change – they are supposed to. It’s why it’s called shamanism, stupid. Not saying that you are “stupid”, but pagans and others can act so dumb sometimes. Normally it’s not “blood, semen or spit” It’s something natural like Tea with lemon, or tea without sugar and with lemon. I call this “Tepid pond water”, because that’s what tea without sugar tastes like.

    People who can’t “handle the truth” shouldn’t mind the truth, because they think they want to parasitically prey on your throat, legs, arms or other body parts to get your blood, what a rush, because that type of creepy behavior from the 1700’s is what gets them off on the whole ideal of vampirism and donors. My friend likes 1700 century vampirism, it makes him feel “quaint” and it also has made him more than a little high, drunk, weird and gay. You don’t need to act like a loony swan to be vampiric. I prefer elemental energies to stupidity. In the community today that whole term is called “grazing” Like a cow would in a field on some grass.

    Welcome to the newly named Alliance of WordPress Vampyre Bloggers, aka “House WordPressian”. giggles Let me have some fun.

  • Ana Massien 5:32 PM on January 12, 2015 Permalink
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    Wesley Sander 

    There is this “guy” on google+ https://plus.google.com/106373382539152155513/posts who really does not get it, he wants to be a vampire, so bad he asks you if you are one and if you are, you are encouraged to call him at 214-693-1790 at the number. The guy is using a picture of the ninja turtles movie. lol how cute.

    This guy is a troll going community to community and non to ask if you will turn him into a vampire. I’ve blocked him and reported his page to google+, so maybe they will discontinue his stupidity.

    He seems to be collecting vampiric profiles online to hopefully get people ridiculed. Probably feels high and mighty and has a small penis and no chances outside of his mother of getting laid. ^-^

    It’s not the fact that people write or blog about being a vampire or living vampiric as an interest, that makes them vampire like or vampiric. I never stated that I was a vampire, I am Strigoi and Stregani, and a Vampirelogist and I study the culture of modern and ancient vampires alike. It’s a hobby. I also write about my life with shamanism, which is energy shamanism, and manipulation. He saw that I was single and probably thinks or assumes I am fat and pimply and alone. I am single by choice, openly asexual and celibate.

    I am Strigoi; I am Stregani, and I take elemental energy and digest it like I do food, drink and other natural items, namely from candle flames and some natural food like fruit and veggies and coffee for the coffee bean. I do not drink blood from people an I do not have a donor. I have participated in blood letting in my early youth and I am happy with the way my life is now. I like the mystery of people seeing that I am stregani or strigoi, some are frightened and some are not. I have allot of friends, and I do not see that changing. I would not want to say I am a big deal, but I am not a small deal. I am not easily looked over or ignored even though I am not looking for attention.

    People see me using an IMVU picture on facebook etc and think well I bet she’s fat and ugly. I am not. I get hit on allot and I always say No. What I say and do privately is my business, no one elses.

    I am not a Countess Bathory type or any other “stereotype” from book or movie lore. I am not a life styler, with fake teeth and eyes. I don’t see anything wrong with pretend, if you do so for fun, but if you do so to get a bitch load of attention then there is no reason to do that. I don’t like attention seekers.

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    I could have a book too! 

    But long ago, I decided I would have an on going blog instead and look! here we are at wraithlycommunal.wordpress.com

    Editing is a real whore and my g and h key’s on my current laptop are broken so typing for very long would drive me literally insane.

    Plus with an on going blog you get to share things everyday with everyone, rather than all at once. I encourage all writers’ and while I was a very angry vampire woman that hated werewolves and all forms of animal folk in days of yore 5 or so years ago, I do not mean them ill will now but will continue my work of vampireology, which they swear is spelled with an “e” in there and I just know that it’s not. Vampyr, Vampir, Vampire, Vampyre, whatever, we need the “e” it stands for energy or elemental energy. (haha, a vampire joke) I do NOT exactly approve of their ways or their living or how they carry on with their traditions, its pretty disgusting really, but not all of them are like that, but if given the chance to do so again they may or they may not. I TRY to get along with all people, regardless now, but also there are some vampires I just plain can’t stand the work, words or width of either.

    While I am here, you can also check out http://vampbook.net and http://circles.vampbook.net

    VampBook.net is a self hosted buddypress in which you can sign up by profile, group and also your own website (again) on vampbook.net — I need a better sign up page soon and I will have one, as well as VampBook.net the facebook version is at circles.vampbook.net an oxwall social site, where we pull allot of news from the net – wen, sanguinarius, realvampirenews, yahoo tech and odd news, ascension and motivational websites and others featuring spirituality you may find interesting.

    You may o ahead and sign up for both and I will not be networking on facebook. I am really tired of facebook so I will networking on better associated media soon.

  • Ana Massien 5:41 PM on January 11, 2015 Permalink
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    Werewolves and Therians 

    While I am all for the struggling author to get their book published on lulu.com or some other source, I encourage the vampire person to be on the look out for books like this one, by Lupa: http://www.lulu.com/shop/lupa/shifting-shamanism-and-therianthropy-magical-techniques-for-your-therioside/paperback/product-823192.html

    I am a Therian also, and while being a therian, I am also a Vampire. I am Stregani, the two are the same thing, it goes hand and hand. Therians can feed on energy just as well as a Vampire can and some will i.d. more with therian because of their love for meat products and feeling “wild” inside themselves, as they feel “vampire” can’t really add up to therian, because vampires supposedly don’t “eat food” and only “drink blood” and are rumored to but can’t really “shape shift into anything or an animal”.

    Well, gracious and be damned that’s not true. Vampires are energy beings and without comparing to anyone from lores, 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th century or not. If you were a vampire energy being in 1266 who would you base yourself on? There isn’t anyone sane enough for you to share the pages with. People who are vampires, really have not sat down with themselves and gone “what the hell am I doing?” While gentlemen are great, somewhere along the way, you’re gonna get really pissed off and angry and that gentleman is going to go out the window, and when vampires get pissy, it’s not pretty.

    So people always say “Lupines are Therians” this is not true, due to if You are a Lupine, you are a wolf, or some other form of totem known in your families’ dna. Lupines are born from the womb and sometimes Vampiric people just appear on the planet. That’s nonsense you say, well nonsense or not, its also true. I am not saying every vampire in the world was not born from the womb, but sometimes it happens. Therian means “many formed” and not just animals, but plants and trees, rocks and weather formations and volcano’s and dinosaurs and such as well. Therians project lucidly with their form and minds with their dual body, and can see through that body’s eyes, and feel with an extended aura perception. It is that body that shape shifts and encounters life in new ways. It can shape shift countless times. We are always connected to the bodies that project from us, until we don’t wish the connection anymore.

    They say that Lupines are were turtles, known as the hapi tribe of new mexico some 30k years ago, also now known as Hopi (also ant). They are also known as the Shopi and The Shapi tribes of the Balkan and the Tuscani provinces of Italy. Shopi are bisexual and gay, known today as Doti or Dopi, and Shapi are straight, known today as Tapi or Topi.

    They say that actual wolves who are always wolves are the were-otten, or weir-often, or some more similarity of these words. The Upi would know more about that, and if you’re not a werewolf or “Uterwolfe” and not aware of your natures, then well the Upi won’t teach you anything, because they believe in strength and loyalty of the bloodline and are very proud people and do not like the new tech world we live in. So if some lost relative came looking, they’d be hard pressed to learn that the tribe would not teach them anything.

    There is also Hupi or Hupine people, and they are the pig people and the hippo people. They also get recognized as lupine when their not lupine or upine. Upine is also sometimes rat as well.

    So how did these people become animal identified? They ate of their blood and flesh, is how, Many years ago people did not have a clean food supply. So they had to eat what they had to eat. People ate and trapped birds and all kinds of wild animals that were plentiful, but gave them all a strange mutation in their genes – corruptive dna from animals that would sleep with their offspring, like cats, mice, rats, dogs and so on, pigs and wolves and crows and ravens and chickens. They did not watch what they ate, but ate more and more, maybe devolping traits like a shaman and getting their abilities from the blood of snakes, toads and birds, plus others, living a very unclean life.

    I wonder if Lupa the author, encounters strange cravings because he or she is a lupine. Do they have another energy or animal form? Do they eat meat or animal skin or fluids that other lupines supposedly love to eat? They have pickled pig feet in the grocery store for a reason!

    The other day I asked a lady friend of mine who is not a vampire btw, if she wanted to go to the store and get a sandwich made. If I had any problem that she was different than me, this was lain to rest as she chose to get a roast beef sub sandwich. The meat was not heated, it had been cooked to a tender perfection, but it was still red in the middle. I watched her handle the sandwich to the cart with glee in her eyes, you could tell she really liked roast beef, and I satisfied with my turkey sandwich, we continued shopping. I saw her inner hippo just do a dance! But their not people with animal traits, they are animals with people traits.

    Therians and Vampires, Faeries and Daevas, Elves and Valkeries are energy forms with people like behaviors and traits as well as any traits we so choose, anything that is energy. That is what makes us Wraits.

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