The Wrait timespanse is when a transcended vetis shaman or elemental vampire becomes more knowing of their being – their life time passes, they enter the undead realms or shamanic state of living or shiving [ living well] or piving [living unwell or unclean], and a woman will prepare for a longer lifespan and going through peri menopause, or for the strigoi (Wrait) we call it menipasi which makes more sense to us known as the little time, anywhere between age 33 and age 38.

The Wrai timespanse comes next – a women goes thru meniapasi, the little longer time, anywhere between ages 39 and ages 46, because of the things we go thru in this time in our forms and our minds, it is the little happy time or butterfly season and we normally live very well and very happy and we don’t worry about things so much anymore, due to a matured set to the mind and form and spiritual wellness. Like a mate, marriage or children, these things pass us by and are not important, we may want to vacation and save money and create a small artistic hobby.

I am currently in my wrai timespanse as I am 43. I enjoy it mostly. I am more calm and because of the lack of estrogen in my form from old foods I no longer want to eat, like a lot of meat. Meat, especially cow and pig contain allot of estrogen in it from the hormones the animals contain. It is in cow’s milk as well, as is methane which is produced in a cow’s stomach and is also in cow meat you can eat. Pigs and Cows are not very healthy creatures or animals and was one reason why they were slain young to be a food source. They have allot of mucus in their forms that do not help us when we eat them. It causes fat in their forms and also in ours (Cellulite) and it causes bloat and gas and all sorts of mucus problems in our own forms. Estrogen in your body makes you angry, cranky and causes pain in your muscles and tendons. Leave me out of estrogen as well! This is why I take Remiflevin as a dietary supplement. It helps with mood swings and irritability as well as hot flashes. It does not contain estrogen.