What Wraitli Exbuis attempts to do?

WE, attempts to focus on positive non negative pathway shamanism, elementalism aka vampirism to show the viewer or reader not all vampires or vampiric like beings prey on the energy field, blood flow within, of a person or thing, or live a static, dysfunctional lifestyle due to an unhealthy interest with movies, lores, books, or games.

There are some beings / persons about 33% of the earthly population that really do consume energy from food, drinks, and blood, and other sinnetic (SA) bodily fluids like semen. The reason these beings do this, is not because they have an energy deficiency like previously explained by the “psychic vampire” community, but because they are made up of that energy, and along with food, which is also natural, or elemental like veggies, fruits and berries, nuts, coffee beans and other natural elemental foods and drinks, are made up of this energy essence, so naturally they could pull said energy from other beings as well as their blood also. People pretend they live in a normal, mortal world, but they do not. Our planet, like ourselves is made up of energy essence also, which we perceive as solid and physical, because we can see it, but it is not actually so, or we could not manipulate or work with its energies. We live on an astral world, a summer land already. There is no need to die and go anywhere, we are already here.

Then why do some people get sick and die? Because they aren’t awakened enough to ask the sickness to leave their body, and choose to waste their living with addictions and soul slavery and death. Vampires are learned individuals who know why we are here. Varolaci and other animal unclean spirits do not, and can not become clean again due to their living, dna or birth into their unclean-ness. WE rid ourselves of the old in clean ways, they still continue to live unclean. Most people limit their own immortality and living well with “its not real” or what they have been told by others.

Wraitli Exbuis addresses real truth from vampiric tales of folklore.

This is true. I would know what is real and which is fake because I am a leader of my people. I have experiences being actual strigoi, stregoni and strejani. Many tribe names for the same type of being. It’s the same as Vampire/Daeva/Therian/Faerie/Elf/Valkerie/Dragon and other “tribe and culture terms and names” all of these, including the Lasa of Etruscani Roma are the same energy being. Some may feel more beasty or animal than others, others may feel more dark but thats because of the culture you want to be of, or grew up with, when in reality people want to feel something else other than dark or moody or dark and broody, and maybe nature-y and even loveable like a dog or horse with others, that they may think they can’t feel in vampire mode. People have been trying to escape what they actually are for a long time, just not comfortable in their own skin.

This is Escapism.

There are people who are into escapism, escapism is eventually going to fall flat on your face. You still age, you don’t have a strange energy to your life, i.e. the major state of the online vampire community is being something else or something their not, which is escapism. Beef blood makes an elemental vampire sick, we have trouble eating dead proteins in the blood of animal meat – cow, pork, some chicken and fish, deer, rabbit, snake whatever. The purer your sources of feeding, the more dead proteins will make you sick, including vitamins, as well as shakes, and dehydrated foods like meats, mashed potatoes, potato chips, and coffee. If the Prana is sucked out, it should be left alone. Unless you want to feel sick for about an hour and 35 minutes each time you consume it.

This is not escapism. There is also allot said for dating or being with a vampiric mate also that is either real like you and sometimes lifestyler-y too, where if you are not comfortable with your body and its fluids you are not going to be comfortable with doing anything sexual. When in the presence of another like you, it matters not, your clothes are on the floor flung in every direction and you have one intent and one intent only: THEM. That’s not escapism either, and it really is true – you really only have one mate, and as long as their in tune with you, things are great, if it’s not you need to back off again until they return all in all to you. All of them are present with you and its true, they’ll run away and get scared and freak out and try and say its not real and so forth and so on. It’s because of the build up or depression of Endorphins in the brain from sexual acts. They snow ball, like energy drinks and coffee and so on.

Endorphin is a combination of the words “endogenou” (produced within the body) and “morphine” They’re released from the pituitary gland of the brain during periods of strenuous exercise, emotional stress, pain, and orgasm. Endorphins help relieve pain and induce feelings of pleasure or euphoria.

If they are still feeling the joys of this, they feel like they don’t need anything else from you and seek to leave you alone until they need more. — This is the basis of all failed relationships, they were fine, they had a release, and then they probably had another that they believed they shouldn’t had later on, and feel guilty and viola they left you and ran off to hide.

  1. the tendency to seek distraction and relief from unpleasant realities, especially by seeking entertainment or engaging in fantasy.
    synonyms: fantasy, fantasizing, daydreaming, daydreams, reverie; More

    To tell Escapism from Reality – you still feel unpleasant or sick. I can see why anyone would want to daydream about being a sick vampire? Let my life be rich and grand if I am so happy to sit the day away and daydream about myself? lol

    So this is our brisk mission to ruffle through folklore tales and define true vampirism from nonsense in a better way to preserve truths, battle misnomers and leave the petty behaviors behind.