When women who are Wraits (and not Wraiths), who are strigoi based, and not a physical vampire feeder (who feed mainly by elemental means), they have a tendency to go through peri menopause – the time leading up to menopause, early.

(Peri menopause means you skip a period every now and again. Menopause is when you have no period for 12 months) Hot flashes, night sweats and tummy troubles, bloat (major bloat), water retention, major gas, digestive troubles, and light to moderate bleeding during the period cycle are all common, as well as agressive sex drive, low sex drive and low energy and extreme fatigue. You may say “well I will just go to sleep and sleep for like 12 hours” but the brain says NO! and you usually only get about 5 hours a night when the peri menopause is raging, and you constantly want to stay up afraid to miss anything at night, or during the day. Not actually afraid, afraid but not able to be at rest.

Peri menopause is when a woman begins to stop having her period, usually by age 43, and upwards onward to about age 48 to age 53. Elemental feeders who siphon energy naturally are more prepared to enter peri early because their bodies are not physical, having goni’ed, goi’ed, toi’ed, loi’ed and soi’ed by age 45, the main five form transcendal body transfers. There are additional body transfers as well but these are the main versions that everyone, male or female will go through.

Men are not off the hook, if you have a mate you frequently have sex with or have been intimate with, even if you have no intercourse ever, as long as his energy is in tune with yours, even roughly, he will inhibit signs of peri menopause as well. Emotions, bonds, the feeling of having a baby with a woman even if your not or she’s not pregnant, feeling cold for no apparent reason and being cold even tho its not winter yet, feeling like something’s missing even tho its not, craving meats, and deli meats, chips, pretzels, blood even, and wanting to be near the ocean or a beach, are all normal signs some male is with his female in peri/menopause.

But we don’t even talk to live together anymore! It doesn’t matter, the energy is still connected, and long as it is, you  will be connected too.

Menopause nor Peri makes people look old. Strigoi look like we never age, because its slowed down. It is Gypsies that look stooped and old and such like witches on a poster. This is because if people live unclean, they look like it, if they live cleanly, the look like it. It’s not a pleasant experience living and looking unclean but the truth is its so. Former witches, practicing unclean witchcraft, or wicce will never look right, and are the unclean people that most trials were trying to get rid of. Not all witches, or shamans endured respite.

The PART THAT WILL PROBABLY PISS EVERYONE OFF – well if I offend you, you needed it lol and also, take it with theory —
Allowing a woman Estrogen in her body from a supplement is not enough to re-engage her body into wanting to be fertile to produce children. Estrogen destroys eggs during the  cycle, breaks it down for the period. It would be HCL which is a hormone found in pregnant women after the woman conceives the child and the fetus begins to grow, it is HCL that makes the placenta strong enough to continue to grow, not estrogen, Estrogen drops in Pregnancy, as well as Peri/menopause and that is why women get so tired. Estrogen also makes the body hurt, cramp up and such more if a woman has authrithis.

I. Estrogen production also causes aggressive sex drive while a drop in estrogen leads to a low sex drive. Just because a woman has had a child does not mean she felt motherly towards her infant or baby. I never did. It’s like “Fetus I am popping you out soon” and that was about it for me. Both father and mother were elemental vampiric, so of course my daughter was an elemental feeder, she’s now passed, but she came here to touch the lives she had too and got out of here before anyone could ruin her life very much. I never wanted another child because of what a mother goes through in her body with a fetus/baby. The sickness and the heart burn are not worth it, and the inability to move or sleep right after the 5th month is awful. The weight gain stays with you almost 14 yrs afterward, you never have a flat stomach again, and the most horrible little fact is you may see the sexual orientation of your child once they realize you have breast milk, as the child I felt a very unique feeling from my daughter even though she was only about a month old; that makes every planned parenthood argument feasible for an abortion, and people will say no your unbalanced and your nuts, mothers would not feel their babies wanting to be gay or bisexual — but I am telling you I saw it, and felt it from her.
(an interesting article on sexual orientation being present or developed in the womb — Sexual Gender is the gender of your child, male or female. Sexual Orientation is which is their pref later or earlier on in life — men with men, women with women or straight, male to female. I’ve heard of kids three years of age and over being sexual somewhat with friends, or even family members which is ewww, let’s not go there.
Sexual desire is one of the first thing to show up in development in Vampiric children.

She never got breastfed from me! The father did not even want it, so the fact that she wanted it — ewwww. She did not smell it, she may have of course sensed it because a baby from the womb would sense when the milk came in, but eeewwwwww. I am 43, had my child at age 29 correctly. If she had grown into teenage hood I am probably sure at least 83% she would have been gay or bisexual because she was a Crystal Child, like I am an Indigo Child. (metaphysicals will understand this)
I can also hear all those mothers going — your kid never had your immunity from the milk and so on, that’s horrible. My breasts felt like stone and hurt like hell. There is no way anyone was touching me intimately or in a food like manner. If Cows gave people immunity from their bodies and things, would you go to pasture gladly to suck on them without waiting for it from the grocery store? I hope not. Mothers, trust me, babies will still get sick. If you give your child your milk it will not help them because they will develop all the little colds, aches and pains you do and have as well every year, and some baby mags actually say that’s worse. Immunization, aka shots, also will make your kids sick as well. Nothing can stop that from happening the first time, its natural for kids to get sick.

So please let me advise you, you can raise your kid with the best intentions and their sexual orientation as a spirit being, is present when they live in the womb. That is one reason I will always be pro choice now. I will and was never motherly with the pictures and the gushing and the cutesy wutsey baby names and shit. Hell no son, not me.

Wrait women also technically normally only have one child, and they may or may not live very long. Conception is considered risky on a spiritual basis — god knows what spirit you’ll get pregnant with and is considered bad juju and is not safe mentally and is considered a taboo practice so if you are strigoi, transcend as much as you can, EARLY so you don’t make a baby. And use protection, and if he won’t go get the pill, believe me its not worth it.